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Every day we help people solve problems with paying for services and goods offline and online: from calling a cab to paying for foreign services. As of 2023 we are the leader in the number of payments made in Uzbekistan.
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24 000+
Offline Points
Employees of the IT department
1.4 million+
Transactions daily
Not the mission, but the benefit

Building digital products to help people shop and pay across the country

Says the team.

"Appreciate working at Paynet: interesting challenges and quality results from our team."

Sadykov Rizo
Support Team Lead

"It's a rich experience for me to create products for Paynet's millions of users."

Regina Murzabaeva
Product Manager

"What I like about Paynet is the ability to quickly grow expertise and a strong team at my fingertips."

Andrey Sokolov
QA Team Lead

The largest network for cash acceptance

180 million payments across the Republic each month
The picture shows a location icon and a stack of money bills on two green glass platforms. The vivid colors of the money bills stand out against the green glass, creating a strong image. The location icon emphasizes the importance of the message.

Payment via Paynet mobile wallet account

200+ thousand users of the mobile app
The picture captures a stunning composition, with three money bills, a smartphone with the Paynet app open, and UZCARD and HUMO cards hanging in the air. This suggests that it is possible to add multiple cards to the same mobile app, providing great convenience. Users can easily switch between cards without having to manually enter their information each time, making the payment experience smoother and more efficient. The image also conveys a sense of security, as users can be sure that their multiple cards are safely stored within the app.

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