20 million people use Paynet to top up and pay,
transfer, and save.

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Paynet — in the circle of trust

25,000 cash payment points across the country

Pay and refill at a store near you

Keep all your bank cards in one app.

Connect cards to transfer and pay all in one place.
The picture captures a stunning composition, with three money bills, a smartphone with the Paynet app open, and UZCARD and HUMO cards hanging in the air. This suggests that it is possible to add multiple cards to the same mobile app, providing great convenience. Users can easily switch between cards without having to manually enter their information each time, making the payment experience smoother and more efficient. The image also conveys a sense of security, as users can be sure that their multiple cards are safely stored within the app.

Transfer to Kazakhstan and Russia in the app

There and back and at the best rate.

Free paynet card in the app

Deposit and pay with paynet-card without commissions

Get cashback
for cell phone service
and 200+ other services

In the Paynet app
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* cashback up to 100%

Use your UnionPay card in the Paynet app

Money — safe and sound

Secure and reliable

Face ID or fingerprint login, balance hiding and payment protection according to global PSI DSS standards
The picture shows a golden lock and a silver token with a unique fingerprint, symbolizing that Paynet customers' funds and information are secure. The gold lock and fingerprint token emphasize the company's commitment to protecting customers' data and keeping their money safe. The fingerprint token is especially significant, representing the individualized security measures Paynet takes to ensure customers' funds are secure. This image powerfully conveys Paynet's dedication to upholding the highest security standards.

24/7 Support

Real help is just a phone call or chat away

Switching to Paynet is like getting a fresh start with your finances.


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Transfer and pay in one place

Pay for any services and goods through Paynet
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To install the app, point your camera at the QR code