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Meet Paynetjohn

Pinetjon is the new face of the brand. The main character who personifies care, support and hospitality. Young and energetic - always ready to help.


As we say

Paynet is a B2B2C brand with a broad audience. We focus on building communication for different audiences depending on needs, sources and channels of interaction.

We use our own writing style, which we adhere to in external communications: on the website, in advertising and social media.

Paynet is always your own among your own. We communicate as if we were close friends - with respect and a genuine desire to care.

Consistently express even complex thoughts and respond in a straightforward manner. We use human, conversational language, not bureaucratic responses and scripts. This is important to show genuine concern and friendship. To show the client that he or she is talking to a real person who is always ready to help.

Paynet is a brand that the whole of Uzbekistan knows about: with a strong heritage and accumulated trust over 18 years of service. The Paynet team presents a new look of a well-known brand.

In a circle of trust.
Around Friends

We do what we recommend to our close friends.

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With the convenience of life.
With the benefit of people

We help to make the familiar easier and the new easier to understand.

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Open to new things

Bringing people
and companies together in one
convenient location.

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Different for everyone,
in its own way

We all have our own challenges. We modestly help to solve them.

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in a circle of trust around friends

A memorable slogan that is associated with our brand. The form we apply to the various touchpoints with our services.